Unfortunately, after so many months of uncertainty and fear, the world continues to be plagued by a virus that impacted brutally the lives of mankind.
Companies were forced to slow down and adapt to changes.
We left the office and started to work in the security of our homes continuing all our activity. The factories started to produce in smaller quantities but in a safe and controlled way. We started to work with artisans helping them to continue their work. And Post Office continues to work hard with a high spirit of selflessness, guaranteeing the delivery of all orders.
Those are all small contributions made to keep this world functioning in the most "normal" possible way!
Despite everything, we want to ensure that we will continue to work hard doing our best to make this world a better place.
It's up to us all to make this difference.
That said, we know that there will be orders in delay and delivery times longer than usual, but we ask for your support and understanding, as your orders will arrive!
Thank you for your support and affection.

Together we will build a better world and a better future.

Stay home | Stay safe | Keep safe