We often get inquiries about recycled eco-leather, one of the main materials used.
These are some of the questions you ask us the most:

Is it plastic, does it have plastic?
No, we do not use plastics in our production. 

Is it animal skin?
Yes, recycled leather is obtained solely and exclusively from bovine leather and not from other leather.

How is it obtained?
Everything that is recycled involves a regeneration process. Paper, cardboard, plastic, cotton... when they are recycled they undergo an industrial process by which they are transformed. The same thing happens with recycled leather: bovine leather is regenerated and transformed into new material.

Do you wear anything else other than animal skin?
Yes, it has natural latex in the finish and in the mass. Natural latex comes from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). It is a hypoallergenic and breathable material and, unlike synthetic, it is not derived from petroleum, whose main components are butadiene and styrene.

Is it easy to care for and preserve?
Yes, it is an easy-to-clean material and much more suffering than leather.
For example, it is not dramatically affected by phenomena such as rain or sun, nor is it scratched excessively, unlike the original skin.
Something more about this material
Recycled eco-leather is a very durable material, easy to care for and a sustainable quality option that offers many possibilities. It is a real and sustainable alternative to plastic and other materials from petroleum that has the Oeko Tex Leather Standard certification.

We firmly believe that recycling is the future and one of the keys to saving the planet.

That's why we are committed on using recycled material (echo-leather), which despite being environmentally friendly leather, has the look, feel, and smell of natural leather.

This is obtained by the same way used in tanneries, being produced in the same machines and made with the same methods/techniques used in the original leather.

To produce recycled leather, the supplier uses bovine fibers obtained in the tanning process, that is, when the skin is divided to equal or reduce thickness.
In short, the material comes from waste that until now was burned in a highly polluting industrial process.

Therefore, we believe that we are valuing and transforming this waste, transforming something so negative into something positive.

In the process of creating this material, bovine fibers are combined only with natural latex (never plastic) in unique ecological machinery.

And this is confirmed by the smoothness, uniformity, and aroma of the finest skin that our products have.